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Kashyyyk is Pablo from Mexico City,


He started playing guitar at the age of 14 and around 4 years later he developed as a session musician and live performer for bands and popular singers in Mexico City having the opportunity to travel at many countries around the globe while touring.


At his 23 years old, In the year 2000, he decides to rest from touring and started his own company for music production mostly directed to tv, radio and independent pop-rock-hip-hop artists, around that time he had his first contact with psychedelic music which changed his life and vision of music and decided to focus in this genre to create his own music style.


After few years in 2005 he released his first track as Kashyyyk under Doof Records, Israel.
In 2008 he traveled for the first time to Germany where he had the opportunity to play in festivals like Boom and Psycrowdelica Full Moon, since then he has been constantly touring around the globe while releasing mostly of his music under his own label Kamino Records.


Nowadays Kashyyyk is working on his upcoming debut album which can be expected to be released in Winter 2017-2018.


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