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Ultreia - I Can't Stop

4 December 2023


Ultreia Kamino - "I Can't Stop" Debut Album Unveiled!


Witness the birth of a musical legend as Ultreia drops his debut album, "I Can't Stop"!


Kamino Records proudly presents this extraordinary journey, where each track is a testament to Ultreia's raw talent and boundless creativity.



All tracks written & produced by Isaac Emmanuel Mpiana Katombe a.k.a. Ultreia.

Mastered by Kashyyyk at Kamino Masters

Artwork by Kashyyyk & Xenrox

A Kamino Records Production 2023


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Ultreia, a young and ambitious music producer hailing from France, embarked on his musical journey at a remarkably early age. Born with an innate passion for creating captivating sounds, Ultreia quickly found himself experimenting with various genres, including hard music and drum and bass. However, it was his discovery of psychedelic trance that truly ignited a spark within him.


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