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🎶 Support the Music You Love, Save Taxes, and Get a Discount! 🎶

When you choose to buy music directly from our store, you're not just adding great tunes to your collection; you're also making a difference in the world of music.

Here's why:

Support the Artist: When you purchase music directly from us, a larger portion of your purchase goes straight to the talented artists who poured their hearts and souls into creating the music you love. Your support helps them continue making incredible music.

Exclusive Savings: As a thank-you for choosing to support the artist and label directly, we're offering you a special discounted price. Get the album you've had your eye on for 1 EUR less than the normal price at other platforms.

Save on Taxes: Buying from us means you won't pay additional taxes and fees that you might encounter on other platforms. That's more money in your pocket while still enjoying your favorite music.



  • High-Quality Downloads

  • Unlimited Streaming

  • Collection Management 

  • Bandcamp App Access

  • Direct Support to Artists

  • Access to Exclusive Content

  • Notifications and Updates

  • Community Engagement

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