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After more than a year working in their compositions, 
Behind Language is ready to evoke the musical spirits from the jungle with their debut album "High Way Paradise" . 
Fasten your seat belts and enjoy this mystical ride! 

Artist Notes: 
Behind Language is the artistic brainchild of Balazs Poczik aka Insector and Mario Sounoglou aka Kokobloko. 
Is a fresh representation of classic trance music merged with their personal futuristic-psychedelic touch, made with a lot of heart and soul which can be felt in each of their creations.


Released MAY 31, 2019 

Mastered by Kashyyyk 
Artwork by Peter Gutierrez 
A Balázs Poczik - Mario Sounoglou - Kamino Records Production 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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