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Spiral is one of india`s finest psytrance producers. Residing in Mumbai he specializes in Hi-Tech music and represents Kamino Records.

The purpose is to enter the Spiral and experience a futuristic reticulating journey into a galaxy of audio colour,full of electronic surprises and high speed cyborg Beats.

His first releases date back to 2006 on Ketuh Records compilation Psychic Imprint.

Spiral has played in Music Festivals and Events all over India, Nepal and internationally in Austria , Spain , Italy , Germany , Switzerland and Australia.

His Influences are all music showcasing a varied spectrum of emotion , Love, a blasting dance-floor , and the existence of a bright future.

He is also a qualified Sound Engineer and has done over 500 advertisments in the prestigious Bandwagon Recording Studios (Mumbai) run by one of the pioneers of the indian rock scene Zubin Balaporia


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